The MAS Approach

The Montessori Education
Montessori Academy of Slidell is centered around an advanced learning environment driven by a curricula designed to draw highly-motivated, high-achieving students. The foundation of our program is built on the Montessori Method, resulting in students who have:
  • an intensified motivation to learn
  • an appreciation and respect for the self, others and the environment
  • improved multicultural understanding and
  • well-developed thinking skills, creativity and problem solving


Innovative Programs
MAS is dedicated to the development of creative, constructive and disciplined learners. This objective is achieved through uniquely innovative educational programs. Each program encapsulates those best practices established in educational research, such as conceptualization through hands-on learning and academic study through a foreign language.


A Rich Learning Environment
The additional assets of our school environment – those of an arts based instructional focus, multi-culturalism, an effective literacy component, developmental strategies in the teaching of mathematics, a diverse student body, an arts-oriented after school program and a collaborative effort in school leadership combine to provide a rich learning environment for our students. Measurement of test data shows a steady progression of growth over time and is testimony to the effectiveness of our methodology.


Our Community
MAS provides educational opportunities for the children of the Slidell and Northshore area. This unique learning community is composed of highly trained faculty members, supportive parents and civic leaders. We encourage a community of diversity and equality.


The life at MAS supports our children to become the best hope for Slidell’s collective future as a new cadre of civic and professional leaders in the community encouraging a communal celebration of diversity. Students have the opportunity to learn and grow with their peers as they develop an appreciation of each individual’s uniqueness. Our students graduate as leaders of tomorrow.